The season is approaching where we begin to experience all types of pain from the holiday season.  Whether it’s from the stress of shopping for loves, being over worked just for that holiday bonus or from shoveling the snow, we all experience some form of joint pain.  During the winter months the most common type of pain is back pain and especially after last year’s snow fall I am sure most of you out there understand exactly what I am saying.  We have to remember that during these winter months we must take care of our backs in order to prevent further injury to our body.

Listed below are several ways to maintain a healthy back during the crazy holiday season.

Take time to stretch.  Stress is more or less carried in our backs.  For some it lingers in our low backs and for others it rests in between the shoulder blades.  A simply stretch can help reduce the amount of tension in these areas. A nice stretch that is easy to perform is to lie on the floor on your back and let your arms reach over your head as your legs stretch out in the opposite direction.  As you do this take a few deep breaths to enhance the feel.

Lift Properly.  No matter if we are shoveling snow or bringing up the Christmas/Chanukah decorations from the basement we need to remember to lift properly.  Remember to bend with the knees not the back.  Even when we are shoveling away all the heavy snow that has fallen bending with your knees will make all the difference come later that day.

Exercise.  Exercise is an important tool that we can use to maintain a healthy back.  The most important types of back exercises are ones that are going to encourage core strength and spinal stability.  Simply exercises like pelvic tilts are a perfect example of back exercise.  There are many more back exercises that can be mentioned here but ask your trainer about some of these other back exercises so you can maintain a healthy back.

Seek Chiropractic Care.  If your back is troubling you during the holiday season from all the stress and preparation that goes on then do not want for the symptoms to simply go away seek chiropractic attention before the symptoms get worse.  If you do happen get back symptoms during the holiday remember this simple fact: always use ice and if you are going to use heat always end in ice for the last five minutes.

If you have further questions about how you can maintain a healthy back as these winter months approach please feel free to ask Dr. Heather K. Gansel.