A Workout for Everyone!

The recent fitness craze has been over this little device called the TRX.  It has been featured in Men’s Health magazine, has been on the “Biggest Loser” and most recently has been mentioned in the Wall Street as a workout that’s easy on the joints.  It has been referred to “gym in a bag” because it is portable and you can attach it to almost anything (that’s stable and structurally sound).  The TRX was invented by Randy Hetrick (a former US navy seal and founder/CEO of Fitness Anywhere) where he saw the need to make a portable small light weight fitness tool that could enable you to work out your entire body in a tight space and virtually anywhere.

As a sports Chiropractor and owner of Head-To-Toe Chiropractic, the TRX has enabled us to take functional training to a whole other level.   The TRX hangs from a singular point in the ceiling approximately 6-8 feet off the ground where movement becomes challenging thanks to a pendulum effect meaning your core (your deep abdominal and spinal stabilizer muscles) have to be engaged constantly while you are using the TRX suspension training system.  For athletes the TRX allows us to re-create multi-planar movement that an athlete would normally do for their sport while enhancing over-all sports performance.

As a chiropractor I love the fact that the TRX system engages the core the minute you put either your hands or feet into the cradles.  Our core is such an essential part of our body that I think people forget how important it to have a strong core verses “six pack” abdominals.  This is what makes the TRX a great workout for anyone at any age because everyone could use a stronger more stable core.  And with a stronger core conditions like low back pain/discomfort disappear quicker and our bodies begin to understand what it means to engage the core in either the conscious or subconscious state.

Here at Head-To-Toe Chiropractic we use the TRX when designing personal training programs for clients as well as to re-correct muscle imbalances in athletes.  Contact Dr. Heather Gansel  @ 203-979-3142 to learn more about the TRX and ask how it can help you this winter season.

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